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Embryo 2 Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Everything works out
Jennifer was worried and concerned about the good Embryons, the Space Marines and some members of her crew. She wasn't sure what was going on, Ben comes in to check on Jennifer. "Hey are you alright?" Ben said. "Yeah just worried about Janeha and her Embryons, the Space Marines, I haven't heard from Rob nor Marcus or Patch, I hope none of them get hurt or even killed." Jennifer said as Ben places hand on her shoulder while the other hand holds Jennifer's. "You have a good heart, no matter what anyone thinks what you are, you are kind and caring person, that's why I married you." Ben said. "Thank you, and you're a very brave person." Jennifer said smiling at Ben. She felt a contraction while she 's holding her belly. "It's time Ben." Jennifer said. "It's time?! Okay just breath for me I'll get you to the med bay." Ben said. He helps his wife to the medical center where Jennifer can finally give birth her new Embryon triplets.
Jennifer has already given bir
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Embryo 2 Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The rescue and the final battle
On the dawn of the next day Jennifer waited behind at the city while Janeha and her armies move on to the battle field one last time. Nowhere noticed where Patch and Marcus had moved off to during the battle that came, but as he expected the entire colony of dragon-like Embryons move out to fight. "Alright Embryons, today as you know we are a peaceful but had to act in order to protect ourselves, it's just for the fate of Embry-5, it's for the fate of the humans including Jennifer and her crew who brought us into this world, and for the whole Embryons!" Janeha's words inspired a lot of the Embryon warriors and the Space Marines, so they march into battle to fight the evil Embryons, deciding on the fate not just of Embry-5 but the of whole universe. The humanoid Embryons were throwing spears at the dragon-like Embryons, killing some of them while the Space Marines shoot their guns at the dragon Embryons. The dragon Embryons then used their jaws
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Embryo 2 Chapter 4
Chapter 4
The alien mother's return! And new Alien mothers!
Jennifer and the women in her crew got ready for the good Belly Kissers to impregnate them, Kisha was excited because she wanted to have baby aliens and Lamar much against the wishes of Makia got to act as a father for Kisha. Makia was over protective of her little sister and she wanted to make sure she was safe, even if it meant being safe from some dude who has the hots for Kisha. Rob didn't mind playing the role of father for Jenna again and Marcus was partnered with Makia, everyone else was partnered up either with their husbands or a man on the ship except for Patch who wasn't needed.
Jennifer was the last one to be impregnated, she was impregnated by Queen Janeha who wanted to make sure if anything happened to her a new queen could take her place. The good Belly Kissers were different from before, they now looked like lady bugs with four legs and they made their hosts feel happy, they came out of blue colored eggs.
By ab
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Embryo 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 3
The shocking discoveries!
As soon as the team finished scans of the planet they were shocked to find all of the new life form readings, and when they looked at how lush the planet was from space it was almost like they were looking at an entirely new planet.
"Rob are you sure this is the place sweetie?" Jenna asked the A.I "Yes Jenna......this is Embry-5 and I found a landing site ideal for us to safely land." Rob said to Jenna as he piloted the ship, he and Jenna had special feelings for each other and he had grown an odd relationship with her and he wanted to be so much more for Jenna but he was only an A.I "Rob, this may sound strange, but I really like you a lot even though you're A.I no offense." "None taken Jenna, I feel the same way too, I promise when I get a new body, you and me would be together." Jenna smiled.
As soon as the ship landed the group saw a lot of aliens they had never seen before, the aliens seemed to praise the ship and her crew as they came into the
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Embryo 2 Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The call for help
It had been about a month since the interview with Jennifer happened, but as she was enjoying her peaceful break from work she heard a cry for help in her mind while sleeping "Mother! Mother! Jennifer my mother! It's me your daughter the queen! My people on Embry-5 are under attack from invaders! Please mother help us!!!" after that Jennifer woke up and she checked in with Rob to see what was going on.
"I don't know how this is possible given the distance........but it appears Mrs. Blair that the queen you gave birth to about two years ago has sent you a telepathic message." Rob the ship A.I explained to Jennifer. "The calling me?" Jennifer said in some disbelief as well as a feeling she couldn't describe. "Yes Mrs. Blair, the queen from what my scans on your mind have told me is in danger from invaders.......since we discovered her species we should make sure no harm comes to them as a whole and that they don't suffer from extinction" Rob said,
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Embryo 2 Chapter 1
I am Rob, that's what I was named by Jennifer Blair and her team. For many a good year we have found planets with so much life, however there's one planet that forever changed all of our lives was Embry-5. The Embryons (the name I gave the aliens we've discovered) were so dangerous, but yet they found a way to evolve into better beings, I never expected that within two years after finding the planet and explaining what happened on it that I'd get to see so much stuff both good and evil. This series of events that changed our lives once again on planet Embry-5 I've named EMBRYO 2 to make it simple, these series of events were very great and I am glad how it changed us for the better  and how it made a great new civilization which I took part in helping grow into so much. Without anymore chatting I'll gladly explain the events that happened though be warned not all of them are good.
Chapter 1
The beginning
Deep in the galaxy a company known as New Earth's sent out one o
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Embryo 2 logo by Pregolove Embryo 2 logo :iconpregolove:Pregolove 4 0 Fertility Character Sheet by Pregolove Fertility Character Sheet :iconpregolove:Pregolove 11 11 June Larson with captions by Pregolove June Larson with captions :iconpregolove:Pregolove 17 0 Commission for FatAliceBelly by Pregolove Commission for FatAliceBelly :iconpregolove:Pregolove 4 2
Katherine Philip Bio
Full Name: Katherine Deskira Philip
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Pregnancy: 8 months crocodile eggs that make her look like she's carrying sextuplets
Appearance: Brown eyes, curly blonde hair in a side ponytail, pinkish skin.
Katherine is a rather spastic individual, but she wasn't always that way. She was once a simple girl concerned with her looks, what society thought was cool, and of course shopping with her friends. Her grades in school were sub par at best, but Katherine had her small circle of friends who looked out for her. Katherine loved fashion and inventing things, albiet her ideas weren't always that great.
However one night a few years ago a drunk driver at the controls of a Wide Load transport truck slammed into Katherine and sent her flying through the window of a nearby manufacturing plant. She landed with her arm near the gears of a machine that unfortunately short-circuited and severed her right arm clean off just below her
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June Larson Bio
Full Name: June Suzanne Larson
Age: 47
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Pregnancy: 9 months with quadruplets
Appearance: Green eyes, curly red/orange hair, fair skin.
Former lead scientist give her position to Veranda because she's her mentor and taught her well. She was the creator of the Womb Pills, genetically engineered pills that make artificial insemination edible. They aren't 100% guaranteed to make a girl pregnant, but they work regardless of the girl's age. They can even work on infertile women, but are really a last resort since the pills must be taken in extremely high doses in order to do what was once impossible. Even then they don't always cure infertility. June is currently pregnant with quadruplets from her own Womb pill.
She was once had the last name Philip, and both Veranda and Kristina are in fact her daughters from a previous pregnancy. She left the company in Veranda's hands, but watches of her sister because deep down she regrets the
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Katherine Philip By Calmingscene by Pregolove Katherine Philip By Calmingscene :iconpregolove:Pregolove 9 0 June Larson By Calmingscene by Pregolove June Larson By Calmingscene :iconpregolove:Pregolove 6 2 Commission for NovaHeroi by Pregolove Commission for NovaHeroi :iconpregolove:Pregolove 1 7


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Kyra Belly Progression by Blyzzarde
Mature content
Kyra Belly Progression :iconblyzzarde:Blyzzarde 2,771 87
[Request] Embryo Girls by Allstarman
Mature content
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Yes it's me, Katie I'm not dead lol, I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, you guys are the best. I wanted to let you know no sending me messages to RP, because I've got too much requests to even count, so PLEASE NO MORE ROLE PLAY REQUESTS IF YOU DON'T GET IT THEN YOU'RE REALLY THICK HEADED, I've been working so hard on my job and a lot to do on my busy schedule so yeah.


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